Friday, June 14, 2002

The Fix Was In after all, and Karzai won big. At least there were some other candidates, and not ones hand picked by Karzai, and some delegates that stood up for their right to speak out and make their own decisions. Myself I think a continum from the "interum" to the "normal" administration is not a good thing, and I'd have been happier if those who served in the "interum govermnet" had been excluded from serving in the next one, because it gave them too many opportunities to manipulate things and set bad precidents. But some good ones were set as well, mainly by the delegates themselves, so it's a glass-half-full thing I suppose.
Our Enemies, the House of Saud: this has been going on for years. It's time we actually do something about it.
Portugal Out, America In: We lose in humiliating fashion, 3-1, but get in because, in spite of a valiant effort, Portugal couldn't get a goal to save their chances. literally. Lets hope we do better against Mexico. Though unfortunately I expect that of the folks in the U.S. who are into the World Cup, at least half will be cheering for the other side and against us.
Karachi Criminals: Ten Killed by murderous Islamofacist's bombing of American Consulate in Pakistan. None were Americans but I don't consider that to make it any less dispicable. The good thing is that at least Pakistan will provide some help in tracking down and finding the other members of the group the killer was a part of. If had happened in Arabia, Our Enemies, the House of Saud, would simply have it covered up.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Terror Harbor: This wasn't the first terror attack against the U.S. from within Arabia, and it won't be the last. But the House of Saud refuses to even consider the possibility that there are terrorists within their country. That isn't the same thing as saying they don't believe there are - they just won't admit that their demise is a haven for these guys. Kind of like how Lybia won't admit to having any role in terrorism.

The guy who fired the AIM was caught not by Saudi efforts, but by Sudan. One has to be very bad indeed to compare unfavorably to Sudan.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Shared Views: this man, the inapropriately named "Steven Wise", doesn't see any difference between a chimp and his son. I have a similar view. I don't see any difference between Steven Wise and a chimp.
More On Europe: If I don't watch out they're going to become this site's whipping boy and scapegoat. But every time there is good news (see "Collapse of Eurosocialists" below), there's twice as much bad news. The Captain writes about their refusal to cooperate in providing evidence to try terrorists in courts:
"Evidently the only time we can rely on wholehearted support from Europe is when we are defending them".
Indeed (except we're not just defending ourselves from terrorists, we're defending them, too. So perhaps we can't rely on wholehearted support from them even when we're defending them). Also, on the one hand the European elites always insist we follow legal procedures, trials and whatnot, in how we deal with these guys, but on the other hand they refuse to cooperate in building cases against them.

Steven also has the Quote of the Day, in his tirade about the Red Cross' disposition of donated money, giving some of it to people who claim to have been mistress/concubines of the slain:
How many of the donors to that fund knew that some of their money would go to succor kept women?
Um. . .not this donor, at least. The part about the UN is also good, especially the mention that the UN's refugee camps have been hives of terrorists, and UN Aid that aids brutal regimes (that dole out the proceeds) in maintaining power (as well as allowing less brutal but incompetent regimes continue failed policies, because the consiquences are delayed and/or offset).
Why the EU Won't Increase Military Spending: From this NRO article on NATO expansion we get this gem of a quote (originally in Le Monde), from an unidentified Eurocrat
"Since we do not have the same calling as the United States to restore order around the world, we do not need a comparable military effort."
Fine, Jaques. But they shouldn't expect an equal say in things if they're not willing to bear an equal burden. But of course that would be to much to ask. Officious, condecending pontifications about how we should "listen" to Europe on forming policy will still issue forth from these bloviating EUnuchs.
Collapse of Eurosocialists? Not two years ago the Left controlled virtually every important government in Europe and was starting to treat Europe as their personal demise, a eternal birthright. Today things are quite different. Italy has a free-market oriented government, Holland of all places elected a right wing (for them, at least) parliamentary majority, the CDP looks poised to win in Germany, and of course in France the Socialists are exiting faster than the French side during the World Cup, losing 2 out of 3 matches so far, and looking bad in the upcomming one. Now if only the Torys in Britain could make a move.
Mein Jihad: Daniel Pipes says it all.
India: Rumsfeld's trip to the region seems to be going very well indeed. I've thought since close to the beginning that possibly the biggest undercovered story of the War on Islamofacism so far has been the growing alignment of interests between the world's most powerful democracy (that's us) and the world's largest (that's India). India is (gradually) adopting market economics and (more rapidly) sheding Socialist and Import Substitution policies. Both countries share the English language (as a national tongue) and a number of important strategic concerns; not just in the current moment, but for the future (thinking in particular China here). This could be the most significant alliance we may forge, especially if India's economy continues to grow. Much more solid an ally than either Pakistan or 'Saudi' Arabia.
Views from the Grassy Knoll? Well this certainly is interesting, to say the least. Wonder what will become of it. I'm not sure many will want to pursue these connections if there are something to them. Perhaps especially if there are. Would be an embarasement to a lot of folks on all sides of things. Hopefully some enterprising investigative journalist will look into this potential blockbuster, because I doubt many government agencies will be keen on following it up.

Then again, no need to get too excited at this stage. Could be just another conspiracy theory that fails to stand up to scrutiny. But this adds more fuel to the story.
Loya Jurga Excitement: Many members have rebelled against the script that had them being a rubber stamp for decisions already made. They've insisted upon a democratic debate. Certainly the Jerga isn't perfect (many members appointed rather than elected, etc), but it's, as one coorespondent said, a "giant step forward from nine months ago". Here's some good news for once. Lets hope things continue on this path, which is a fine start.
Argentina Out: Argentina follows France in being a top team that failed to reach the second round. Well, Argentina has bigger problems anyhow. As an Argentine sports writer said on BBC World News this morning, "If we had to choose between winning the world cup and fixing the economy, we'd choose fixing the economy." Easier said than done, especially with the politicians still playing games there and the Peronists being among the most influential. Ain't gonna get far that way.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

FrankenProp: Propagandistic methods among EuroElites is really getting Sovietesque. Last friday folks were up in arms over the risible Captain Euro, a clumsy excersise in pro-Euro cartoons so heavy-handed that one might have been forgiven for believing it to be an act of sabotage by Euroskeptics attempting to discredit the EU by creating something so absurd it would turn everyone off (from what I gather, though, it was the real deal, not Euroskeptic Agitprop). Even his outfit and style, and those of his comrades, looks like something off a Soviet Realism poster from the '30s. Or one of those - dare I say it - Nazi posters of Ariyan Youth. And the foes are businessman-types, with exagerated noses.

Yesterday the Telegraph published a story exposing the fraudulent claims of Green-aligned, anti-Genetic Modification pro-"Organic" minions as aired on BBC in a dramatic presentation as heavy-handed as Captain Euro. This was presented on BBC as the voice of Enlightened Opinion, warning the Masses of an incipient danger (which can only be kept out by. . .further European Integration, no doubt). What's developing here is the propaganda arm of the nomenclatura of the Union of European Socialist Republics, beaming Correct Views out to the people. And again, of course, the minions of evil are wicked businessmen, exploiting the masses and destroying simply for the sake of a love of destruction. . .
Grand Strategy: Glen Reynolds pointed out this excellent StrategyPage article on the Grand Strategy of the War on Terror.
No Goals: Its a rare day feeling bad for the French, who's World Cup squad was eliminated in as humiliating a fashion as ours was four years ago. Especially sad for a highly ranked team that was the defending champions. But, then, they were defending champions, so I can't feel too bad that they won't win it this go around. Still, getting knocked out in the first round. . .

Seems that the players were kind of aging, and were - like many American Football Champions - spending their time and energy on extra-curricular activities (endorcement deals, etc), and lost their focus.

Monday, June 10, 2002

Jay Nordlinger: on Soccer & the Diversity Cult:
"And I — this was as a junior-high-schooler — was puzzled by one thing: Our teachers and betters were always celebrating difference, and urging it on us. But when it came to America, and American exceptionalism, difference was damned. I, however, really did believe in Vive la différence — and in the American differences that were part of it."
Exactly my point.
Old News: When it comes to the current war, the radical left is full of disengenuous, willful liars with an absolute disregard for truth. So no change, then.
Malign Secrets of the She-Woman Man-Hater's Club Roger Ebert's review of this movie is a hoot. Reviews of bad movies are always the best reads. Of course, those of us with a certain attitude who heard that the director was the woman who wrote Thelma & Louise knew the secret was that men would be portrayed as gutterscum in this film.
The Recruiters: Saw an excellent if long documentary on CBC last night on several scummers who are hanging out in Britain (mainly) recruiting people for Jihad, and on how they beguiled Zacarias Moussaoui into joining their club of vipers. Really was impressed by Moussaoui's brother, Abd-Samad, who had the courage to speak out (and against their mother's wishes). But his mother seemed to be in classic denial (to use a cliche buzzword).

This problem is obvious to some of us, but many could use heavy doses of documentaries like this. That problem is the use by our enemies of our liberal tolerance against us. The smarter ones are wise enough to not "foul their own nest" as it were - not commit crimes in the countries where they are living, but sending folks out to do damage elsewhere. How we strike a balance between letting in real refugees (like Reda Hassaine, the journalist who was also interviewed in the program, having fled Algeria, and Moussaoui's brother) while keeping out the vipers who would destroy us. The only problem with the show, perhaps, is they emphasized the degree to which these folks are in Britain. But CBC also reported on another program this weekend about a man (who's name slips my mind) who's been in Canada for 14 years, was convicted of Terrorism, has had his claims of refugee status denied by Canada's courts multiple times, but is still there. Here in America things aren't so swell, either; we have our own nests of vipers preaching hatred in Saudi-funded Mosques here as well. The French magistrate who kept claiming that folks like these would have been arrested in France long ago also has a blind spot - the French have their problems, as well, with folks like this. Indeed, instead of demonizing Pym Fortuyn as some sort of LePenist, they should be listening to what he had to say.

We all need to. We need to insure we let in positive immigrants, including from Moslem countries (it's not like we should advocate sending the son of the Shah of Iran, for example, who has become a central figure in the democratic opposition to the Ayattolah's there, back to get exicuted, or the thousands of others who have fled such despotisms for safety and freedom in the West), but keep out those with nefarious intent. We have a right to self-preservation, and most of these guys (like the Santa-hat wearing Mullah of New Jersey who was the inspiration for the first WTC bombing) don't hide their hostility even before they get in. Those who express such hatreds can be, ligitimately, kept out.
We Gotta Insure These Guys If we're not going to go in ourselves, we ought to do more to help the Iraqi National Congress and others who would topple Saddam, and we've got to do more to help the Iranians topple the theocratic dictatorship over there. It's the least we could do in helping ourselves as well. Iran could actually become a pretty decent country given half a chance, and in the process become a good trading and strategic partner (rather than a faux one like the House of Pancakes that rule Arabia).
U.S.A. - S. Korea ended in a draw. Therefore we'll either have to draw or defeat Poland to get into the second round. Should have taken care of business. Poland is out of it at this point, having lost to Portugal, so they might either be dispirited and be an easy mark or be angry and wanting to prove themselves. The guys better plan on playing hard.
India - Pak: Looks like the saber rattling is dying down. Just hope Musharaf follows through this time.
Anglosphere Economics: At this point only the willfully ignorant can deny what works best - not only for increasing general prosperity, but for (if not as fast as some would want) improving the lot of the poor (just ask yourself if you'd rather be among the color-tv owning, car-driving poor of Western countries or the rag-wearing poor of the countries that spent the last thirty or fourty years following Import Substitution Socialism). Andrew Sullivan has a solid article on how this worked in the'90s. Of course, many people, especially politicians, benifit from being willfully ignorant (like imposing steel tarrifs because those who benifit, or who can be made to think they're benifiting, are targeted and know they're getting a benifit, while the costs are imposed broadly on people who can't easily identify the burden that is being imposed).
Afgan Selections: Put off a day so that the contending parties could have a chance to fix everything in the back room (is it still smoke filled over there? Ours stopped being smoke-filled some time ago when the Safety Re-Education Commisariat took over) before submitting the One Clear Choice for the delegates to rubber stamp. Machine politics of the world; the universal language.
French Selections: Looks like the Center Right will have a decisive parliamentary majority in France after the elections are over. But, under the deranged French system we won't know for sure until after another round of elections, next week. They make the Afgan method look enlightened.

Listened to the BBC World News this morning on it all. Of course their slant was whether the French voted against the Socialists (oh, no, not that) or against Cohabitation (that must be it). Wouldn't even consider the idea that people voted for the Right.

Good news is the continuing collapse of the National Socialistic LePenist movement. Their proportion of the vote dropped to 13%.
EU Sanctions The EU voted that contravaling duties/economic sanctions are in order against the U.S. for our recent imposition of steel tarrifs (which have already raised the price of hot rolled steel in America by over 40%, proving right - once again - those that warned that these tarrifs would cause more than the "minimal" price increases the Administration claimed, and will certainly cause a loss of more jobs because of raising the price of other American goods - and not just via contravaling duties imposed by outraged trading partners, but because of the increased cost of production the tarrifs impose on a wide variety of American products). Here's an example of where the EUrocrats are right and we're wrong. They haven't yet actually imposed the sanctions that they voted were an acceptable response. Here's hoping we'll wise up before things get out of hand. Rising tarrifs when the world is still trying to recover from the economic doldrums of last year is the last thing anyone needs, and it's shamefull that we led the way down that path.